Shocking Device Extracts 10 Gallons of Water a Day
From Dry Desert Air

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Air Fountain
Air Fountain


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Air Fountain

What is Air Fountain System?

Air Fountain System is a step-by-step tutorial video for creating your own thin air water producer. It may produce up to 10-Gallons of clear, fresh, and clean water daily. The Air Fountain’s off-grid power source is portable and can be used anywhere, but it functions flawlessly when hooked into the electrical grid. The device can also be powered by a vehicle battery or a few leftovers.
The System comes with a video tutorial demonstrating how to assemble the generator and complete instructions on how to use it.

Air Fountain

Air Fountain is an in-depth guide based on surviving and prospering in the upcoming worldwide water crisis. It is the only A-to-Z description proven to work successfully for surviving America’s looming 100-year drought. The most straightforward, step-by-step video guide describes building your own “Water Generator.” The author of this Program is John Gilmour, and he has given simple instructions to help you provide your family with clean and fresh water.

This water generator works by removing moisture from the surrounding air. Approximately 50 gallons of fresh water per day are produced due to the filtration process. Many of the generator’s components can be purchased from local electronic stores or scrap yards, and it presents methods to maximize water extraction from even the dirtiest water sources.

Even if you have limited space, you will never have to worry about water storage again. Simply activating the Air Fountain System will cause it to produce water on demand. If you want to preserve water, leave it on, and it will make as much water as you require. The entire air fountain system weighs less than 10 pounds, allowing you to carry it in a backpack in an emergency. Numerous armed forces, especially those in arid areas, have found it to be a helpful device.

How Air Fountain System Works:

Air Fountain System uses innovative secret technology by the Israeli Army that makes water from the surrounding air, even in the desert.

Air Fountain

Water condensation is the basis for this generator. This System absorbs moisture from the surrounding air by converting humidity to water. After filtering the moistured water, it produces up to 10 gallons of fresh water daily. A functional Air Fountain System can be constructed using Air Fountain’s instructions and information. It works based on the simple principle: it condenses when the surrounding airflow is cooled. This idea is exhibited every time you drink something cold on a hot day, and your glass becomes fogged up because of the water droplets. The exact process functions inside an Air Fountain System generator. It is based on a simple procedure that draws warm air into the device and cools it.

A reservoir stores water vapor after it condenses when the air cools. You can use any 12-volt power supply source (such as a car battery) to power the Air Fountain System. Water can be produced by the device up to 10 gallons per day, and it is effortless to use. The Air Fountain is an excellent way for individuals seeking an alternative to traditional water production techniques. This device is easy to operate, inexpensive, and portable, so you can take it anywhere. You can use the Air Fountain if you want your daily dose of environmentally friendly H2O. You will appreciate it if you are looking for ways to reduce your electricity bill or live off the grid.

Air Fountain


$89 $39

Air Fountain

How Long Will This Take:

The assembling process takes less than 2 hours and can be performed with minimal help. The complete video is only 30 minutes long, so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule. Plus, once you have built the System, you will never have to worry about your water supply again. That is why the Air Fountain System is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be self-sufficient and prepared for anything.

Air Fountain
Air Fountain

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Benefits of Air Fountain:

Unlike other supplements that only focus on removing symptoms quickly, Burn Boost goes to the base of the problem and fixes it. As a result, the formula offers you a lifetime of health benefits, including:

  • The handbook offers clear and easy-to-understand instructions and information.
  • Anyone can make this gadget; a skilled craftsman is not necessary.
  • The Air Fountain is a fantastic resource since it has a thorough and extensive manual.
  • The cost is affordable.
  • One of the biggest advantages is the reduction in water bill costs.
  • With guidance, creating a flexible system is simple. No of the weather, you can access water using this equipment.
  • It is convenient and portable to transport.
  • A top-notch system guarantees the purity and cleanliness of the water.
  • As a consequence, it both encourages autonomy and collaboration.
  • It’s an excellent option since it’s quick and effective.
  • For this work to be completed, a little area must be provided.
  • It will be simple for users to utilize.
  • A free report will be sent to you.

Who is Air Fountain System for:

Every individual can benefit from the Air Fountain System. This creative and modern solution to water generation can reduce water scarcity and fulfill their family’s thirst without hassle. Anyone who wants to build a device providing clean water and keeps them hydrated can use it.

3 Free Bonus

All purchases of Air Fountain System come with free 3-Bonuses:
Air Fountain System is a lot more than just a guide on creating your own thin air water generator.
It includes step-by-step Video instructions, photos, and diagrams to ensure you can quickly complete the project.
But you will get more than that when you order Air Fountain Program.

First, you’ll get
“How to Secure Your Water Reserves”

The definitive water storage guide. This special bonus will reveal all the must-know strategies and best-kept secrets if you need to store the water you are producing.
You will learn about all the essential tools and equipment you’ll need. The best and most unexpected places to store water, how to keep your water running even on freezing days, and much more. You will never second-guess your water storage decisions again.

Air Fountain
Air Fountain

Second, you’ll get 
“How to Purify and Mineralize Water”

A special report on eliminating expensive water filters ensures that only the healthiest water is consumed.
You will discover 9 secret techniques to get the most out of even the dirtiest water source. Learn everything you need about filtration, boiling, solar water disinfection, how iodine works, and much more.
You will also learn the insider’s secret for filtering water with banana peels and everything you need to know about water re-mineralization.
This is important because you will need the minerals in your water if you can’t eat properly or have been exposed to extreme heat. Therefore, no matter what happens, you can transform any water into fresh, clean, and healthy H2O.

And finally, you’ll get my special report: 
“The Deadly Agents Hidden in Your Water”

This free bonus will teach you everything you need to know about the invisible toxins in your drinking water.
Even if your water appears perfectly safe to drink, you could be in a world of pain. This special report gives you all the information and knowledge you need to identify each one of these poisonous substances, including fluoride, arsenic, lead, parasitic protozoa, parasitic worms, and other viruses and bacteria.
This detailed guide provides you with the practical knowledge to prevent and treat waterborne infections and expose ineffective water purification techniques and equipment that do more harm than good so that you will know what to avoid and what is safe.

Air Fountain

Air Fountain Refund Policy

A 60-day refund policy applies to all purchases. You have 60 days to demand a full refund with no questions asked. In case Air Fountain does not solve your problem in 60 days, you are entitled to a complete refund. Air Fountain advises consumers who wish to try the supplement to buy it only through the company’s official website to avoid fraud and ensure the formula’s quality.

Air Fountain

Every Air Fountain System is covered with John Gilmore’s “No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee” offer for two months. Send an email within the next 60 days, and they’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked, if you are not completely satisfied with how simple this is to construct and how much water you will produce in the first two months alone.
Finding a better offer will be challenging.
You will receive the “Air Fountain” step-by-step video guide, blueprints, and written course, in addition to the three bonuses.

Air Fountain Pricing

The complete Program plus the three bonus reports cost just $39 today.
But the only possible way to secure your spot in the Program is to click the Order button on its official website. Air Fountain System can’t guarantee they can keep this price for longer, especially since they offer unlimited email support. So don’t get mad if you visit the website in a few days and see that the price has gone up.

Air Fountain


$89 $39

Air Fountain

Air Fountain FAQs:

Q: I don’t have a lot of space. Will this work for me?
A: Not only will it work for you, but it’s probably the best setup you could hope for. That’s because you can use any space – not just a backyard but also your balcony. And the best thing to know is I designed the Air Fountain system so it would not kill my tiny yard. That is, The whole System takes less than 10sq. Ft.

Q: How hard will this System be to make?
A: Air Fountain System is so simple and easy to build that you will kick yourself for not doing it earlier. The whole thing takes 2 hours if you are slow, does not require physical strength, and the most challenging task you will do is just a bit of cutting. That’s all, and there is no excuse for not trying it. You can still do this if you do not want to lift a finger.

Q: I live in a hot and arid state. Will this work for me?
A: It definitely will. Water harvesting functions even better in hot climates. And it is a must-have, especially if you live in hot states because those are getting hit by drought first.

Q: How long will this take?
A: The whole System will take approximately 30 minutes to watch the full video. And that’s it. Building the System takes under 2 hours, and a lot less if someone’s helping you.

Q: Is this risk-free?
A: Yes! As I said, you’re covered by my two-months “no questions asked” money-back guarantee. If you want to return to the Program for any reason, you have 60 full days. No hassles, no gimmicks, no hard feelings. That’s why it’s crucial that you do it fast if you decide to try the Air Fountain.

Q: Can I supply water for my entire house with this?
A: The Air Fountain system can supply an entire house, depending on the water you need. The System is scaled to give you as much water as you want, and adding new methods is easy once you understand the simple logic behind how the Air Fountain system works.

Air Fountain
Air Fountain
Air Fountain

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